All About Learning to Play Guitar Chords

Published: 28th August 2009
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Before getting started with any beginner guitar lessons or material, you need to know a few important things first. For instance, do you know what it is exactly that comprises a song played by the guitar? If your answer is "notes", then you are correct.

Notes are what makes up the foundation of another critical aspect of any guitar song: chords. The majority of guitar songs require you to learn to play guitar chords. Chords are a series of notes that are played simultaneously. They can sound rather melodic when played properly.

Any kind of beginner lessons for guitar will usually start you off with a simple way to learn chords. The simplest guitar chords are: G, C, D, & A. These tend to be easy because they do not require many fingers. Indeed, these four chords only actually require you to use three fingers.

You can learn to play chords by pressing down on the strings at the fret on a guitar neck. Then, as you push down on the strings, you must strum the strings that are located in front of the hole on the body of the guitar. It's actually a wise idea to start learning guitar chords on an acoustic as opposed to an electric or bass. Once you master all the basics, you can then move on to electric.

Here's a good tip for beginners in regard to chords: do not press down too hard on the strings. Many beginners really do make the mistake of pushing down on the strings too hard. You must find the right balance of pressure. This can take some practice and some time to get used to, but if you don't learn how to press down properly, the cord will not sound right.

When learning to play guitar chords, you need to level down the wrist of your left hand (or right if you are left handed). This'll put less of a strain on your hand. Oftentimes a beginner doesn't follow this step and that is why the guitar produces a "buzzing" sound rather than a nice tune. It can likewise lead to pain and cramping in your hand. These are the reasons why correct technique is so important.

Beginners need to practice the songs that have less chord movements, such as the ones that touch almost the same fret on the guitar. There are many of these types of songs out there, and you will come across them when learning guitar chords. Try practicing some with your eyes closed. Many pro guitarists very rarely look at the fret when playing. If they do, it's because they know that they must play a complicated chord and want to ensure that their finger placement is right.

It's not too difficult to memorize the correct hand movements for all the chords. The hand and finger positions should become like a second nature to you. The secret to playing the guitar perfectly is by practicing every single day. It also helps if you've wonderful learn guitar chords resources.

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