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Published: 10th September 2009
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Did you know nearly 90% of the world's population is born right-handed? Yes, these are simply people who use their right hand to write with and almost everything else. Quite rarely do they use their left hand.

Left-handed musicians are the minority of all who make a living playing music. Still, there are well-known performers born left-handed as Jimi Hendrix and Dan Seals. Doesn't that surprise you?

So how do left handed players prepare themselves to play guitars made for right-handed people? Many artists simply reverse the strings enabling them to play guitar left hand. Others simply turn the guitar upside down and play it that way. As strange as it sounds it works quite well.

The concept that one can play guitar left hand by rotating it has been accepted by some and rendered impossible by others. Write-ups have stated that playing guitar upside down is much too complicated to attempt. Still others argue that it can be done if you really try hard and put your mind to it. Some left-handed players have been successful when creating new methods. Those who play guitar left hand realize that by using the basic chords, a left-handed player needs to position his fingers on the same strings, only that it needs to be put the other way around.

Here are some things to consider when playing the acoustic guitar left hand. First you should have on hand a guitar guide or manual. If you were to play with an upside down guitar, don't assume you need to change the way the fingering mode should be. The positioning of your fingers will still remain the same but the difference would rely on the finger you use on the fret of the guitar. By playing a right-handed guitar with your right hand, the C would require that your fourth finger be placed on the third fret dipping on the fifth string. Finally, your index finger must be placed on the first fret down the second string.

If you have a guitar made especially for lefties the finger placement must be done in an inverted way too. Remember, the last string stays on top and the fret remains as it is. It's best to have a guitar to practice with if you must learn guitar left hand. Just follow the diagram closely and be careful not to strum the forbidden strings in each chord. Doing this is rather difficult so it's best that you begin with the chords that necessitate only 2 or 3 fingers for now (such chords as C, A, G, E, D or some minor details). Whatever you do, never attempt to try and learn the harder chords first as you learn left handed guitar. You'll surely become frustrated with the temptation to quit altogether.

And if you should find it too difficult to play guitar left hand, despite the fact you're left-handed, you just may want to play the right-handed guitar with your right hand.

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